I'm Molly! Thank you for stopping by! Some things about me are that I love cats, dogs, food, movies, reading, crafting, adventures, and good ol' lazy Sundays (who doesn't?!) As you get to know me I'm sure you'll find I'm a pretty laid back person, but I love to have fun and make people laugh! I live in Zeeland, Michigan and went to Grand Valley State University.

When I started at GVSU in 2010 I thought I wanted a degree in music, but turns out that was not the path for me. Something that I once enjoyed become stressful and more of a chore. Before I lost my love for music I knew I needed to change my degree. I stumbled around for a little bit before I decided to try a photography course. Photography was always something I loved but was told I could never make a career out of. Well, I fell in love with all the courses and graduated in 2014 with a degree in Photography and had an amazing experience.

Since then I have worked hard to hone my skills and grow in the industry. Every session is a chance to learn something new and create lifelong friendships. I hope to continue growing and meet new people for years to come!

Holland, MI